Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Tea Party At Grandma's

Ella and Ashley were both able to go over to Grandma Dixie's today and have a Tea Party with their cousin Kate. This Tea Party was the last one they would have before Ella starts school. The tea party included a light luncheon with a few hors d'oeuvres (that's French for snacks) and a special craft project for the girls to do. Enjoy the pictures!!!

Everyone has on their Tea Party hats and gowns

Even Grandma is joining in on the fun




Some heart-shaped PBJ, complimented by the Swirled Cheese Puffs and frosting covered cupcakes. Looks like we got a little bit of each of the major food groups. (Is that real Tea Grandma?)

Even Baby David got a special invite to the party. It's all about who you know. (I sure hope that's peanut butter on his nose....)

And to cap the afternoon off, they all got to paint their own jewelry boxes.


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Matt, Erin, Kaden, & Sophia said...

Jana, your girls are so precious! I can't wait to see if another girl is going to be added to the mix or if a little boy will come and throw things for a loop. Hope to see you soon!