Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Member of the Family

We just got a new member of our family this weekend. We decided to fit in with the folks here in Genola, so we got a baby horse. She is a filly and about a year old. She is very calm and friendly, and the girls love her. Although, Grandpa Scott's two other horses have been jealous of all the attention she has been getting. They gave her a little bit of a beating the first night here.

We were going to name her Kriscindy, in honor of my twin aunts, Kris and Cindy. (Inside family joke). But, we decided to keep the name the owner we bought her from had, which is Trixy. We'll call her Trix for short.

Don't worry, we didn't trade Ashley for the horse. She isn't in any of the pictures, because she was taking a nap. We Will get some pictures of her and Trixy on here soon.