Monday, June 22, 2009

I almost forgot...

Here is our most recent family photo of all 5 of us. All FIVE members of our family are in this photo. We just thought that you might want to see a current picture of Me, Jana, Ella, Ashley and ???? (and no, the guys in the background our not in our family.) ;-)

Where have we been and what have we been doing???

Well, I am assuming that this is going to be my responsiblity to keep this thing updated... I was hoping Jana would take it over. :-)

Looking back, the past few month's have been pretty eventful. (That's probably why I haven't had the time to update anything.) We have had
Easter, we celebrated Ella's Birthday, took a family vacation to Yellowstone, Jana was able to come along with me to Orlando for a work conference and the girls have had fun enjoying their summer just running through the sprinklers.

A COLD Easter egg hunt...

A typical Ashley expression...

Ella using her "glamor shots" pose and Ashley trying to be funny...

Me on my float tube fishing in the background on the mighty Buffalo River in Island Park. (You can just see the fish trying to get away from my deadly cast.)

This fish wasn't so lucky...

The girls on the cabin porch with Grandma Kerry.

Buffalo in Yellowstone.

Baby buffalo.

The girls and "Old Faithful".

Who are these people?

Grandpa and the girls.

From our trip to Orlando on the beach in St. Petersburgh. This is our best Baywatch impersonation. I am the Hass and Jana is Pam Anderson. :-) We are going to go rescue that guy floating in the background.

The girls and the sprinkler they bought me for Father's Day. (I haven't got to use it yet.)

"Ashley the Brave". She's not afraid of anything... Expect for taking a nap.