Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ella's First Day of School

Today was a big day for our family. It was Ella's first day of school. I took the day off so that I could take part in the preparations and see her off. We can't believe that we have a kindergartener... She has grown up to fast.

Ella was very brave and excited about her first day of school. There was no hesitation stepping on to the bus. She was excited to take this next big step in her life. Ashley was a little jealous she didn't get to get on the bus and that she had to stay home with Mom and Dad, but she got over it.

When Ella got home we asked her how her days was and if she liked it. She said, "It's a long story..." Needless to say, we weren't able to get much out of her at first. But from the comments she made later in the day, I think that she had a good time and made some friends.

We are very proud of Ella and know that she is going to be a great student. She is very smart and is a good example for us in our family.

Here are some pictures of her first day...

Ella dressed and ready to go to school...

Ashley wanted to get in on the picture taking fun

Waiting for the bus...

Jana and the girls

Dad and the girls

There she goes.. Everybody wave!!!

Ella really likes the bus, and it is a good thing. She has a half hour bus ride to and from school each day.

And her she is when she got home. All smiles.

"What's the deal with all these pictures of Ella? I want some of me to!"

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The Olsons said...

Wow, Ella really did have long hair didn't she? But I think it looks cute now too, very shaped and cute, if only she would have let me put glitter in her hair. (Mom's probably happy though, that stuff doesn't come out in just one shampoo)