Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I started a little project a few weeks ago... Jana and I were walking through a furniture store and saw some bunk beds. We thought that the girls would probably like them and it would create a little extra space in their bedroom. I saw the price of the bunk beds and told Jana, "there ain't no way I'm gunna pay that much for some stupid bunk beds when I can build 'em myself!" (As I turned my head to the side and spat on the floor). And so we were off to the Home Depot to buy some 2x6's. As we rummaged through the warped, split and knotty lumber trying to find the perfect boards, I started thinking, "Maybe I shouldn't have acted so tough and maybe we should just have bought the stupid bunkbeds at the store." So much for that idea...

Here is the finished project. After hours and hours and hours of sanding and staining, cutting and screwing, this is what we ended up with. (I will say I think it turned out better than the one at the store).

The top bunk is a twin and bottom is a full size mattress.

Here are the girls modeling on their brand new bed.

Off to the races... We have had it for nearly a month now and no one has fallen off. (Knock on wood).

I think you will have to agree that the craftsmanship on this bed is amazing. ;-)


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Jess said...

"turned my head and spat" lol Looks good! Jared is thinking he'll build our little guy a toddler bed....although all that sanding doesn't sound much fun. Hope you guys are doing well!